Read and weep for the children that happen to be born to criminally deluded or gullible parents… From the Sydney Morning Herald we learn that a mother

[…] had sought in a injunction in the Family Court to stop the father and his partner from immunising the child without her written permission.

She made the application after discovering that her daughter’s stepmother had secretly taken the child to a medical centre to have her immunised against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B, polio, HIB, measles, mumps, rubella and meningococcal C.

Crucially, we learn that:

Previously, the mother had been arranging homeopathic vaccines

The father and stepmother, took their 8 year old for immunisation because:

[…] when the girl was five, she contracted whooping cough, and the father and his new partner became concerned that she was not vaccinated, possibly placing their new baby at risk

So the mother is deluded and actively placing the child’s life in danger from potentially fatal diseases. The father and stepmother are only acting normally, as any concerned parent that hadn’t had his brain diluted in water should do.

However, here is where it gets even more preposterous and depressing:

A doctor in homeopathic medicine told the court that homeopathic vaccination was safe and effective, whereas traditional vaccination had short- and long-term risks, including a link to ADHD and autism.

This “doctor” should have his practising license immediately revoked, criminal charges levied against him, and all his previous patients’ warned and their medical history and treatments revisited. As a doctor, it is one’s responsibility to know the evidence for and against any medication or treatment he advises, and he must be up to date with any developments in his field. This “doctor” fails miserably on both counts.

He clearly lives in a different universe when he arrogantly claims efficacy of homeopathic vaccines, in a court of law no less. There is absolutely no basis for this claim, just like there is no basis for putting the terms “effective” and “homeopathy” in the same sentence without any negative adverbs present. He should therefore be prosecuted either for intentionally misleading a court of law, or for criminal negligence for his ignorance of the facts relating to the treatments he recommends and applies to his patients.

Secondly, of course he is also clueless as to the claimed links of vaccines to ADHD and autism. This hypothesis has been conclusively disproven about a million times before, and anyone even remotely following medical and public health stories should already know that (you know, like anyone claiming to be a doctor). So, similarly, he should have his whatever practising license revoked before he kills any of his patients.

However, no one seemed to be concerned with this, and everyone focused on the deluded mother instead. Just to be clear, I also think the mother should stay as far away from the child as possible and never be permitted to have children again! But I wonder why no-one thought to deal with the lunatic “doctor” as well…

To wrap this up in yet another preposterous note:

The case is one of several before the courts that involve differing philosophies over childhood vaccination

Differing philosophies“?!? Aaaargh! What philosophies?? Vaccination is a method that has been scrutinised by science, found to be one particularly effective in eliminating or containing infectious diseases, and is one of the most successful scientific medical modalities ever devised.

What on earth has ideology and philosophy to do with this? A child’s right to a healthy life trumps every conceivable ideological or philosophical right of the parent that may (for whatever crazy reason) go in the opposite direction. Simples.